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displaying reunions scheduled for 2008
reunions by year

2017 (1 events),  2016 (2 events),  2015 (5 events),  2014 (2 events),  2013 (7 events),  
2012 (14 events),  2011 (13 events),  2010 (17 events),  2009 (21 events),  2008 (18 events),  
2007 (6 events),  2006 (16 events),  2005 (11 events),  2004 (20 events),  2003 (9 events),  
2002 (16 events),  2001 (13 events),  2000 (18 events),  

St Joseph School, Class of 1908, 100th Reunion (For Reunion Year: 2008)

St Joseph School Dinner Dance

Sat. April 5th , 6 pm

Alumni from any class are invited to attend and celebrate 100 years of Graduations…More info on our website http://school.stjosephbristol.org or by calling the school (582-8696).

Bristol High School, Class of 1938, 70th Reunion (For Reunion Year: 2008)

The Bristol High School Class of 1938 will hold its 70-year reunion at Marinelli’s Restaurant in Burlington on Sept. 10, beginning at noon. For more information, contact John O’Rourke at (860) 582-4244

Bristol High School, Class of 1942, 66th Reunion (For Reunion Year: 2008)

The Bristol High Class of 1942 is planning a 66-year reunion for the fall. Alumni who have changed their address recently are asked to e-mail their new address to a.a.pinkowish@comcast.net or call (860) 582-6907 to update the mailing list.

Bristol High School, Class of 1943, 65th Reunion (For Reunion Year: 2008)

The Bristol High School Class of 1943 will hold its 65-year reunion on Oct. 3 at Marinelli’s Restaurant in Burlington. Changes of address may be forwarded to Angie Baehr at (860) 582-4651 or Amelia Mazzone at (860) 582-7666. Classmates are asked to inform any other classmates, with whom they may be in contact outside of the local mailing list, of this upcoming reunion. Further information will be included in a mailing at a later date.

Bristol High School, Class of 1944, 64th Reunion (For Reunion Year: 2008)

The Bristol High School Class of 1944 will hold a class luncheon on Sept. 25 at Marinelli’s Restaurant in Burlington. For more information, call Merton Baehr at (860) 582-4651 or Mary Schiavone at (860) 582-3518.

Bristol High School, Class of 1948, 60th Reunion (For Reunion Year: 2008)

The Bristol High School Class of 1948 will celebrate its 60-year reunion on Sept. 5 from noon to 4 p.m. at Marinelli’s. For more information, contact Phyllis Spooner at (860) 582-6829 or Rita Kenyon at (860) 583-8440 or e-mail wrkenyon@hotmail.com.

Bristol High School, Class of 1950, 58th Reunion (For Reunion Year: 2008)

Bristol High School Class of 1950 will have its 58-year reunion Oct. 11 from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Chippanee Golf Club. There will be a cocktail hour from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., with dinner following. From 1:30 to 4:30 p.m., there will be dancing and social time. Alumni who have not yet received an invitation may contact Grace Stranieri at (860) 583-9738 or Janet Randall at (860) 589-3938.

St Stanislaus School, Class of 1952, 56th Reunion (For Reunion Year: 2008)

St Stanislaus School Class of 1952 is planning a reunion. The reunion committee has been unable to contact the following classmates: Nancy Matyjasik, Robert Ososki, Wallace Zielienski, Robert Bissonnette and Walter Lewonski. To provide an address for one of those listed, or for more information, contact either Jeanne at IslandgirlVTV@aol.com or Mskaz@snet.net, or call (860) 584-9205. Any member of the class of 1952 that has not been previously contacted or has changed their address can contact the reunion committee at either of the e-mail addresses listed above.

Bristol High School, Class of 1953, 55th Reunion (For Reunion Year: 2008)

The Bristol High School Class of 1953 will hold its 55-year reunion on Oct. 11 at the Pine Valley Banquet House. Call Janet Granger at (860) 582-9217 or Pat Sgro at (860) 589-3134 to help locate the following classmates: Anthony Anastasi, Sylvia (Moulthrop) Arce, Audrey (Tomcheski) Borkowski, Donald Cohen, Robert Corbat, Robert Desbois, Grace (Boulden) Doner, Irene (Yantz) Dunbar, George Frechette, Richard Guzowski, Mildred Hall, Johanna Kalinoski, James Micari, Richard Nelligan, Terry Nelson, Nancy Oliver, Richard Olson, Gordon Schmelder, William Semrau, Mary Ann (Pavlosky) Stanley and Nan Taylor.

Bristol High School, Class of 1959, 49th Reunion (For Reunion Year: 2008)

The Bristol High School Class of 1959 is beginning work on their 50-year class reunion to be held in 2009. Any classmate wishing to have input or help with the reunion in any way may call Norky Casey Mastrobattisto at (860) 675-3716 or e-mail her at mrsmastro@sbcglobal.net. Classmates who e-mail are asked to write “reunion” in the subject line.

Bristol Eastern High School, Class of 1963, 45th Reunion (For Reunion Year: 2008)

The Bristol Eastern High School Class of 1963 will be holding its 45-year reunion on Oct. 18 at Nuchie’s Restaurant in Forestville. The reunion committee is looking to find a number of classmates. To provide an address or phone number for one of those listed below (maiden names are being used for the ladies), contact Bob Montgomery at bmontgomery@bristolpress.com or Noreen Zurell at nzurell@snet.net.

Among those hoping to be contacted are Joyce Arle, Lynda Bumps, Kathleen Collins, Rosemarie Tedesco, Carol Eschner, Lanny Gorr, John Johnson, Steve Johnson, Patricia Kaliss, Narna Kettlehut, James Koziell, Bill Lysaught, Sharon Mayes, James McCann, Daniel McMahon, Al Nadeau, Donald Ouellette, Roger Pelenski, Gary Peterson, Shirley Putinas, Dennis Skinner, Tom Smolack, Jewel Stafford, Ruth Tong, Rev. Paul Trinque, Karen Wells, Charlotte Williams and John Witkiwitz.

Bristol Eastern High School, Class of 1968, 40th Reunion (For Reunion Year: 2008)

The Bristol Eastern High School Class of 1968 is planning a 40-year reunion. Any alumni wishing to help in planning is asked to contact committee members Gary Dubnansky at (860) 584-4644, Art Wallace at (860) 582-7283, or Wilma Dziekan Hart at (860) 584-2674.

Bristol Central High School, Class of 1978, 30th Reunion (For Reunion Year: 2008)

The Bristol Central High School Class of 1978 will hold their 30th class reunion on Oct. 11 at the Clarion Hotel. “Save the Date” postcards have been mailed to verify addresses. Alumni who have not received a postcard or would like more information, contact Andrea (Botto) Adams at (860) 584-9045 or Donna (Bates) Jandreau at (860) 747-1903.

St Paul High School, Class of 1978, 30th Reunion (For Reunion Year: 2008)

The St. Paul Catholic High School Class of 1978 will hold its 30-year reunion Nov. 22 at Chippanee Golf Club. For more information, contact Jan (Ciacchero) Tedesco at (860) 675-3522, Peter Getz at (860) 693-1107, Kate (Vernoy) Ricci at (860) 583-1967 or Jim and Cheryl (Morin) Chard at (860) 675-3244. The committee is seeking current contact information for the class of 1978. Alumni are asked to contact one of the above with any updated information. The class of 1978 is also looking for monetary donations to help underwrite the cost of the reunion, as well as donations of goods or services (such as raffle prizes, printing, mailing, etc.) to offset costs.

Bristol Eastern High School, Class of 1978, 30th Reunion (For Reunion Year: 2008)

The Bristol Eastern High School Class of 1978 will hold its 30-year reunion Nov. 22 at Nuchie’s. For more information, contact Terri at (860) 584-1715 or 5adamsfamily@comcast.net.

E.C. Goodwin Tech., Class of 1988, 20th Reunion (For Reunion Year: 2008)

The E.C. Goodwin Tech Class of 1988 is in search of alumni for their 20th class reunion. Class of 1988 graduates are asked to contact Jay Dumais at (860) 667-4058 or by e-mail at lisdum@att.net; or John Flis at (860) 582-6852 or by e-mail at goodwinclassof88@aol.com. They are looking to update phone numbers, mailing and e-mail addresses. The reunion is scheduled for Nov. 29 at the Whiting House banquet facility in Plainville.

Bristol Eastern High School, Class of 1988, 20th Reunion (For Reunion Year: 2008)

BEHS1988 Class Reunion
11/29/2008, 6:00 pm
Chippanee Golf Club
6 Marsh Road
Bristol CT

Details (more to come)

Buffet will be served
Several hours of open bar
DJ will play your favorite songs from the 80's

St Paul High School, Class of 1989, 19th Reunion (For Reunion Year: 2008)

St. Paul Catholic High School will be hosting an Alumni Homecoming/Reunion Weekend beginning Thursday, November 13 through Saturday, November 15, 2008.

The events begin on Thursday, November 13 with a presentation of The Ash Girl by the St. Paul Performing Arts group in the St. Paul Auditorium beginning at 7:30pm. Admission is free for Alumni that pre-register for the event. Additional tickets are available for $12 for Adults, $10 for Seniors and $8 for Students.

Friday, November 14 will offer a Remembrance Mass at 6:30pm in the St. Paul Chapel. The Mass is an opportunity to celebrate the lives of our departed Alumni, relatives and friends.

The Alumni Homecoming/Reunion Weekend is capped on Saturday, November 15 by our Homecoming Football Game at 1:30 at the school. Guests are invited to “tailgate.” St. Paul will also host a Kid’s Zone which will include, bounce houses, face painting, cotton candy and more for children of all ages.

A reunion social for all alumni over the age of 21 will take place in the Library from 7:00 to 11:00pm. Admission is $20 per person. Light Hors d’ouevres, beer and wine will be served. Business casual attire is requested.

For more information of the St. Paul Homecoming/Reunion Weekend events or to pre-register, please contact Susan Fazzuoli, Alumni Relations Coordinator at (860) 584-0911 ext. 30 or email at sfazzuoli@spchs.com.

reunions by school

Bristol High School (65 events),  
Bristol Central (56 events),  
Bristol Eastern (55 events),  
St Paul High School (18 events),  
St Stanislaus School (6 events),  
St Anthony's High (4 events),  
E.C. Goodwin Tech. (2 events),  
Bristol Grammer School (1 events),  
St Joseph School (1 events),  
St Anthony's School (1 events),  

reunions by graduation year

1908 (1 events),  1937 (1 events),  1938 (2 events),  
1939 (1 events),  1940 (1 events),  1942 (6 events),  
1943 (9 events),  1944 (6 events),  1945 (5 events),  
1946 (7 events),  1947 (1 events),  1948 (6 events),  
1949 (3 events),  1950 (5 events),  1951 (2 events),  
1952 (7 events),  1953 (3 events),  1954 (1 events),  
1955 (1 events),  1956 (1 events),  1957 (1 events),  
1959 (4 events),  1960 (5 events),  1961 (6 events),  
1962 (4 events),  1963 (2 events),  1964 (2 events),  
1965 (5 events),  1966 (1 events),  1967 (5 events),  
1968 (2 events),  1969 (3 events),  1970 (5 events),  
1971 (5 events),  1972 (2 events),  1973 (3 events),  
1974 (3 events),  1975 (5 events),  1976 (4 events),  
1977 (2 events),  1978 (5 events),  1979 (2 events),  
1980 (6 events),  1981 (7 events),  1982 (5 events),  
1983 (3 events),  1984 (4 events),  1985 (5 events),  
1986 (2 events),  1987 (1 events),  1988 (3 events),  
1989 (3 events),  1990 (2 events),  1991 (4 events),  
1992 (2 events),  1993 (2 events),  1994 (7 events),  
1995 (1 events),  1996 (2 events),  1997 (1 events),  
1999 (2 events),  2000 (1 events),  2012 (1 events),  

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