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Funk Funeral Home 35 Bellevue Ave.,Bristol, CT 06010, Serving The BristolCommunity Since 1865 -(860)583-4107
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Google And Local Ads.. More Local Ads

Oscar's Formal Wear Tuxedo Specialist Since 1987
123 Farmington Ave Annex Plaza, Bristol Ct 06010, One Hour Service

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Election Results - 2012 - General Election Preliminary Results
Office Candidate(s)/Party Local Votes Percent% Won (Locally)
U.S. PresidentObama and Biden (Democrat)14,14657.460%
Romney and Ryan (Republican)10,00440.635%
Anderson and Rodriguez, Others (Independent)2891.174%
Johnson and Gray (Libertarian)1800.731%
U.S. SenatorChris Murphy (Democrat)12,09252.394%
Linda McMahon (Republican)10,62046.016%
Paul Passarelli (Libertarian)3671.590%
U.S. Rep CongressJohn Larson (Democrat)14,87066.109%
John Henry Decker (Republican)7,05631.370%
S. Michael DeRosa (Green)4512.005%
Matthew M. Corey (Petitioning Candidate)1160.516%
CT SenatorDave Roche (Democrat)11,88052.854%
Jason Welch (Republican)10,59747.146%
CT Rep 77Chris Wright (Democrat)5,81858.408%
Jill Fitzgerald (Republican)4,14341.592%
CT Rep 78Whit Betts (Republican)2,95460.645%
Daniel Santorso (Democrat)1,78936.728%
George Langer (Working Families)1282.628%
CT Rep 79Frank Nicastro Sr (Democrat)5,26866.616%
Mary Alford (Republican)2,64033.384%
Bristol RegistrarMary Rydingsward (Democrat)11,40352.178%
Sharon Krawiecki (Republican)9,64544.134%
Ajmal Mehdi (People)8063.688%
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