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Bristol Pediatric Center
160 Wolcott St Providing Excellent Healthcare
for 25 years Call 589-8872
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Greers Chicken
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Election Results - 2013 - General Election Preliminary Results
Office Candidate(s)/Party Local Votes Percent% Won (Locally)
Bristol MayorKen Cockayne (Republican)5,64651.870%
Christopher Wilson (Democrat)5,23948.130%
TreasurerThomas O Barnes Jr. (Republican)6,13958.506%
Sandra Stafford (Democrat)4,35441.494%
Council District 1Calvin Brown (Democrat)2,30428.778%
Eric L. Carlson (Republican)2,17027.105%
Stephen M. Jeffries (Democrat)1,77522.171%
Thomas Hick (Republican)1,75721.946%
Council District 2Henri Martin (Republican)2,33732.544%
Richard J Miecznikowski (Republican)2,22230.943%
Bob Vojtek (Democrat)1,27317.727%
Allen Marko (Democrat)1,02314.246%
Frank M. Kramer (Petitioning Candidate)3264.540%
Council District 3Ellen Zoppo-Sassu (Democrat)1,63027.749%
Mary Fortier (Democrat)1,55526.473%
Derek A Czenczelewski (Republican)1,35423.051%
James Albert (Republican)1,33522.727%
Board of Assessment AppealsMary L. Alford (Republican)5,81928.662%
Stacey A. Raymond (Republican)4,81123.697%
Shirley Salvatore (Democrat)4,58122.564%
Richard Harlow (Democrat)4,06620.028%
Dominic R. Pasquale Jr. (Petitioning Candidate)1,0255.049%
ConstablesKate Matthews (Democrat)5,28618.492%
Sarah Sullivan (Democrat)5,18818.149%
Joseph C. Geladino (Republican)4,82316.872%
Joel L. Boutwell (Republican)4,51215.784%
Bouchard Mudry (Democrat)4,46515.620%
Timothy Lee Ceritello (Republican)4,31215.084%
Question 1Term Limits (Yes)7,53778.258%
Term Limits (No)2,09421.742%
Question 2Eliminate constables (Yes)5,02262.502%
Eliminate constables (No)3,01337.498%
Question 3Technical revisions (Yes)4,39965.667%
Technical revisions (No)2,30034.333%
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