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Mike Vita's Chunky Tomato Pizzeria
897 Farmington Ave 860-582-3194

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Google And Local Ads.. More Local Ads

Keep Cool At..Dunphy's Ice Cream Parlor
912 Stafford Ave 860-584-8558 12:30-9:30pm Daily
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Election Results - 2014 - General Election Preliminary Results
Office Candidate(s)/Party Local Votes Percent% Won (Locally)
U.S. Rep CongressJohn Larson (Democrat)9,86857.843%
Matt Corey (Republican)6,87740.311%
Jeff Russell (Green)3151.846%
CT GovernerFoley / Somers (Republican)9,12452.419%
Malloy / Wyman (Democrat)8,28247.581%
CT SenatorHenri Martin (Republican)8,74150.781%
Robert Michlik (Democrat)8,47249.219%
CT Rep 77Cara Pavaleck (Republican)4,08352.146%
Chris Wright (Democrat)3,74747.854%
CT Rep 78Whit Betts (Republican)2,50165.885%
Dan Santorso (Democrat)1,29534.115%
CT Rep 79Frank Nicastro Sr (Democrat)3,32458.193%
Joshua Levesque (Republican)2,38841.807%
CT SecretaryPeter Lunaj (Republican)8,48449.713%
Denise Merril (Democrat)8,18047.932%
S. Michael DeRose (Green)4022.356%
CT TreasurerTim Herbst (Republican)8,78151.432%
Denise Nappier (Democrat)8,29248.568%
CT ComptrolerKevin Lembo (Democrat)8,56751.058%
Bristol RegistrarKevin McCauley (Democrat)8,23250.491%
Sharon Krawiecki (Republican)8,07249.509%
CT ComptrolerSharon McLaughlin (Republican)7,90347.101%
Rolf Maurer (Green)3091.842%
CT Atty GeneralGeorge Jepsen (Democrat)9,68757.215%
Kie Westby (Republican)6,77440.009%
Stephen Fourner (Green)4702.776%
ProbateAndre Doval (Democrat)12,142100.000%
Question 1Absentee (No)9,37357.017%
Absentee (Yes)7,06642.983%
Question 2Residency Fire Chief (No)10,62264.046%
Residency Fire Chief (Yes)5,96335.954%
Question 3Residency Police Chief (No)10,87465.728%
Residency Police Chief (Yes)5,67034.272%
Question 4City Council Resolution (Yes)10,52965.897%
City Council Resolution (No)5,44934.103%
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