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San Gennaro Restaurant Great Brick Oven Pizza 22 East Main Street Bristol (860) 261-7791
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Google And Local Ads.. More Local Ads

Langer Carpentry & Custom Woodworking, LLC Greater Hartford area phone: (860) 712-4963 home phone: (860) 582-0479 specializing in: kitchen & bathroom cabinets, kitchen islands, wall partitions, room additions, mantels, windows, doors, floors, siding, porches, decks, cutting boards, paper towel holders, picture frames, wood door decorations, bird feeders, bird houses, wooden stakes for street number, outside decorations & etc.
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Election Results - 2015 - General Election Preliminary Results
Office Candidate(s)/Party Local Votes Percent% Won (Locally)
Bristol MayorKen Cockayne (Republican)6,08450.532%
Ellen Zoppo-Sassu (Democrat)5,95649.468%
Council District 1Calvin Brown (Democrat)2,36826.311%
Anthony D'Amato (Republican)2,33425.933%
Eric Carlson (Republican)2,26325.144%
Mayra Berrios-Sampson (Democrat)2,03522.611%
Council District 2David Preleski (Democrat)2,34028.530%
Jodi Zils Gagne (Republican)2,08825.457%
Joshua Levesque (Republican)1,94123.665%
Morris Patton IV (Democrat)1,83322.348%
Council District 3Mary Fortier (Democrat)1,78529.001%
Dave Mills (Republican)1,74828.400%
Bob Passamano (Democrat)1,36222.128%
Jeremy Duprey (Republican)1,26020.471%
Board of Assessment AppealsMary Alford (Republican)6,11627.296%
Stacy Raymond (Republican)5,55424.788%
Shirley Salvatore (Democrat)5,50224.556%
Richard Harlow (Democrat)5,23423.360%
Bristol TreasurerThomas Barnes Jr (Republican)6,70757.914%
Patricia Floyd Bentley (Democrat)4,87442.086%
Board Of EducationThomas O'Brian (Democrat)6,2889.313%
Christopher C. Wilson (Democrat)6,2669.281%
Karen C. Hintz (Democrat)6,1119.051%
Karen L. Vibert (Democrat)5,8768.703%
Tina Marie Taylor (Democrat)5,8678.690%
Joe Grabowski (Democrat)5,8188.617%
Jennifer Dube (Republican)5,8088.602%
Jeff Caggiano (Republican)5,4728.105%
David Scott, Jr. (Republican)5,1257.591%
Larry Amara (Republican)5,0977.549%
Jeffery Morgan (Republican)5,0467.474%
Genard Dolan (Republican)4,7427.024%
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