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officecandidate(s)/partylocal votespercentwon(locally)
Bristol MayorKen Cockayne(Republican)6,08450.532Won
Ellen Zoppo-Sassu(Democrat)5,95649.468
Council District 1Calvin Brown(Democrat)2,36826.311Won
Anthony D'Amato(Republican)2,33425.933Won
Eric Carlson(Republican)2,26325.144
Mayra Berrios-Sampson(Democrat)2,03522.611
Council District 2David Preleski(Democrat)2,34028.530Won
Jodi Zils Gagne(Republican)2,08825.457Won
Joshua Levesque(Republican)1,94123.665
Morris Patton IV(Democrat)1,83322.348
Council District 3Mary Fortier(Democrat)1,78529.001Won
Dave Mills(Republican)1,74828.400
Bob Passamano(Democrat)1,36222.128
Jeremy Duprey(Republican)1,26020.471
Board of Assessment AppealsMary Alford(Republican)6,11627.296
Stacy Raymond(Republican)5,55424.788
Shirley Salvatore(Democrat)5,50224.556
Richard Harlow(Democrat)5,23423.360
Bristol TreasurerThomas Barnes Jr(Republican)6,70757.914Won
Patricia Floyd Bentley(Democrat)4,87442.086
Board Of EducationThomas O'Brian(Democrat)6,2889.313
Christopher C. Wilson(Democrat)6,2669.281
Karen C. Hintz(Democrat)6,1119.051
Karen L. Vibert(Democrat)5,8768.703
Tina Marie Taylor(Democrat)5,8678.690
Joe Grabowski(Democrat)5,8188.617
Jennifer Dube(Republican)5,8088.602
Jeff Caggiano(Republican)5,4728.105
David Scott, Jr.(Republican)5,1257.591
Larry Amara(Republican)5,0977.549
Jeffery Morgan(Republican)5,0467.474
Genard Dolan(Republican)4,7427.024
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