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Melinda Braccia Photography
30 minute sessions. 10+ Edited Digital Images
Online Gallery for printing

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Google And Local Ads.. More Local Ads

Bristol Ct Yoga - Inspired Living, Yoga & Meditation, Message, Artisan Coffee, Cold Press Juicery, 946 Terryvile Ave
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Election Results - 2017 - General Election Preliminary Results
Office Candidate(s)/Party Local Votes Percent% Won (Locally)
Bristol MayorEllen Zoppo-Sassu (Democrat)7,43359.535%
Ken Cockayne (Republican)5,05240.465%
TreasurerThomas Barnes Jr (Republican)6,88355.846%
Mike Buguslawski Sr (Democrat)5,44244.154%
Council District 1Gregory Robert Hahn (Democrat)2,47726.351%
Joshua Medeiros (Democrat)2,46226.191%
Anthony D'Amato (Republican)2,28924.351%
Eric Carlson (Republican)2,17223.106%
Council District 2David Preleski (Democrat)2,75832.566%
Peter B. Kelley (Democrat)2,64431.220%
Andrew Howe (Republican)1,67619.790%
Jodi Zils Gagne (Republican)1,39116.425%
Council District 3Mary Fortier (Democrat)1,89628.434%
David Mills (Republican)1,79726.950%
Brittany Lynne Barney (Democrat)1,52922.930%
Cheryl Thibeault (Republican)1,44621.686%
Board of Assessment AppealsThomas Ragaini (Democrat)6,61527.453%
Shirley A Salvatore (Democrat)6,40026.560%
Mary Alford (Republican)5,84424.253%
Stacy Raymond (Republican)5,23721.734%
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