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Obituaries For Friday, 01 May 2015 to Sunday, 31 May 2015
Please Note:
All Obit Listings before 04/04/2017, have been deleted by Bristol Press

.. Zawilinski III, John(38) Press
.. Weber, Rudolph(33) Press
.. Tully, Mary Ann(Papineau)(52) Press
.. Lukaszewski, Edward J.(43) Press
.. Jabs, Edmund A.(65) Press

.. Fuller Jr., Frank L.(87) Press
.. Cosgrove, Wendellyn(Hinton)(52) Press
.. Bird, Catherine(Finley)(55) Press

.. Fortunato, Katherine(Pellegrini)(77) Press
.. Fortier, Carmelia M.(Zarrella)(73) Press

.. Lavoie, Diane(Dupuis)(95) Press
.. Dobrowolski, Chester F.(50) Press
.. Day, Dennis(92) Press

.. Ratcliffe, Red(71) Press
.. Mego, Louis M.(49) Press
.. Krauchalis, Frances(Massaro)(48) Press
.. Donaghy, Mildred T.(Nelson)(40) Press
.. Creswell, Anne C.(Richloff)(37) Press
.. Burton, Susan E.(56) Press

.. Wazorko, Marjorie S.(56) Press
.. Sarojak, Thomas(93) Press

.. Carlson III, Carl H.(77) Press

.. Zeldon, Leroy J.(34) Press
.. Walenski, Walter R.(37) Press
.. Rostkowski, Leonarda(Lesia)(40) Press
.. Clapp, Margaret Lois(40) Press
.. Bitel, Stanley P.(42) Press

.. Smith, Maryellen(Noon)(69) Press

.. Orefice, Pasqualina(Ferraro)(82) Press
.. Clark, Charles Henry(49) Press

.. King, Arden A.(Abels)(39) Courant
.. Dannaher, Lawrence M.(47) Press
.. Bixby, Michael J.(52) Press

.. Orie, Alfreda(42) Press
.. Minutella, Karen S.(83) Press
.. Lewis, Margaret(Davidge)(48) Press
.. Breitkreutz, Esther(Gahr)(37) Press

.. Howard Sr., John E.(81) Press

.. Wisnieski, Edward Joseph(73) Press
.. Ferris, Robert J.(70) Press

.. Varsell, Richard W.(51) Press
.. Norrie, Tyler Allen(53) Press
.. Leger, Catherine(56) Press

.. MacAskill, Benjamin D.(69) Press
.. Leger, Catherine(56) Press
.. Duggan, Angela(Dudack)(45) Press
.. Barile, Dianne(Marecki)(44) Press

.. Raymond, Joseph F.(44) Courant
.. Marquez Sr., Rev. Emilio(29) Press
.. Dimock, Stanley W.(32) Courant

.. Tufano, Judith(31) Courant
.. Smith, Bradford James(49) Press
.. Prentiss, Roxas Orion(Northrop)(49) Press
.. Konopka, Amandine W.(58) Press

.. Whitford, Irene Mary(56) Press
.. Picard, Carol K.(77) Press
.. Gonzalez, Albert Roque(46) Press
.. Costello, Augusta(Olsen)(39) Press

.. Herold III, Harry A.(82) Press

.. Tuper, Laura(Masciola)(57) Press
.. Pulaski, Edwin J.(50) Press
.. Cassanova, Rico Anthony(49) Press

.. Soucie, Russell(66) Press
.. Paradis, May Emerald(Schilling)(59) Press
.. Marquis, Bertrand(60) Press

.. Pierce, Rachel Mary(44) Courant
.. Olashaw, Natalie(37) Courant
.. Nyerick, Rosalie M.(55) Press
.. Michaud, Alyson Lynn(117) Press
.. Hall, Mary(Connolly)(61) Press
.. Galenski, Henry J.(49) Press

.. Rosano, Michael C.(54) Press
.. Olson, James R.(78) Press
.. Levesque, Steven(84) Press
.. Johnson, Jay(53) Press
.. Boyko, Michele K.(108) Press

.. Tompkins, Mary Alice(Niklich)(59) Press
.. Fraello, Cesario(32) Press
.. DuPont, Roger A.(94) Press
.. Dalangauskas, Elena(Rudys)(31) Press
.. Ayala, Harry(43) Press

.. Dion, Janet(Bogino)(64) Press

.. Tompkins, Mary Alice(43) Courant
.. Michaud, Phyllis P.(Pierce)(69) Press
.. Gelineau, Linda(53) Courant
.. Aldieri, Charles J.(71) Press
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