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Obituaries For Monday, 01 May 2017 to Wednesday, 31 May 2017
Please Note:
All Obit Listings before 04/04/2017, have been deleted by Bristol Press

.. Walker, Lorri Ireland(63) Press
.. Tacinelli, Mario A.(49) Press
.. La Plante, Pierre William(66) Press
.. Guenther, Helen J.(49) Press
.. Gibson, Robert George(53) Press
.. Comstock, Dr. Brian(109) Press

.. Riendeau Basalyga, Claire Rita(Brunet)(67) Press
.. Cassina Sr., Anthony(66) Press

.. Hale, Harold E.(64) Press

.. Thayer, Thomas S.(86) Press

.. Urbanowicz, Mitchell E.(56) Press
.. Goulet, Shirley(Woodard)(86) Press

.. Schnell, Reverend Dr. Phillip O.(62) Press
.. Pelletier, Larry(92) Press
.. Johnson, Kenneth L.(93) Press

.. Licwinko, Wanda V.(53) Press
.. Kowalski, Michael N.(104) Press
.. Grant, Gregory B.(58) Press
.. Carpentier, Irene M.(42) Press
.. Cararini, Edith(Kopper)(44) Press

.. Carpentier, Irene M.(80) Press

.. Ellis, Hazel(Jenkins)(46) Press
.. Daigle, Florence M.(65) Press

.. Thomas, Elano(43) Press
.. Bucchieri, Josephine Maria(83) Press
.. Ansaldo, Paul F.(41) Press

.. Thibault, Martin A.(60) Press
.. Lassy, Raymond G.(100) Press

.. Moses, Ursula K.(Kleiner)(51) Press
.. Ferron, Nadia(54) Press

.. Philbrick, Howard(86) Press
.. Houle, Delores(Hamilton)(89) Press

.. Genest, Aurella(Campbell)(88) Press
.. Dziedzic, Eleanor(Checovetes)(100) Press
.. Crosby, Alice(78) Press

.. Hale, Linda(Norton)(95) Press

.. Williams, Anna Mae(Casullo)(64) Press
.. Sanabria, Jaime S.(65) Press
.. Grabowski, Louise E.(Marcinkowski)(74) Press
.. D'Amato, Dora W.(70) Press
.. aylor, George H. T(63) Press

.. Williams, Anna Mae(Casullo)(59) Press
.. Pelletier, Glenna Marie(McCarthy)(89) Press
.. Norton, Lola(Blanchette)(72) Press

.. Chabre, Gary(110) Press
.. Bergeron, Dorothy L(Schmelder)(123) Press

.. Winters, Kathleen(Casavant)(134) Press
.. Picarelli, Paul F.(62) Press

.. Houle, Delores(Hamilton)(121) Press
.. Eggert, Brittany Ella(Mardin)(80) Press

.. Reed, Rita(Lincoln)(105) Press
.. Gerzanick, Rita Ellen(82) Press

.. Poulin, Raymond J.(134) Press
.. Marselle Jr., Frank(114) Press

.. Staub, Mary Theresa Shank(83) Press
.. Frank, Leda(Wegmann)(51) Press
.. Agritelley, William Stephen(55) Press

.. Finn, William(100) Press
.. Duncan, Ellen Mary(103) Press

.. Rudzavice, John L.(59) Press
.. Gerzanick, Rita Ellen(111) Press

.. Laliberte, Bruce F.(116) Press
.. Krolikowski, Mary(Leone)(95) Press
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.. O'Brien Funeral Home(1,854)
.. Dunn Funeral Home(1,066)
.. Stanley Suchodolski Funeral Home (904)

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