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Obituaries For Monday, 01 Jun 2015 to Tuesday, 30 Jun 2015
Please Note:
All Obit Listings before 04/04/2017, have been deleted by Bristol Press

.. Reidda, Robert(46) Press
.. Medina, Maureen Christine(McAllen)(44) Press
.. McCabe, Dennis Michael(70) Press

.. Piwnicki, Christine T.(59) Press
.. Culver, Mrs. Frances(Byrnes)(45) Press

.. Sharples Jr., Raymond C.(43) Press
.. Prigodich, Irene L.(29) Press
.. Moradian, Oscar P.(28) Press
.. Hemingway, Virginia M.(Sintau)(28) Press
.. Hagan, Jeff Martin(47) Press
.. Anderson, Linda(41) Courant

.. Taillon, Elsie(30) Courant
.. Ronalter, J. Ruth(27) Courant
.. Parr-Tierney, Jeannette(Frenette)(23) Courant
.. Kirchgessner, Robert F.(26) Press
.. Gough, C. Raymond(18) Courant
.. Adams, Victoria(Bortko)(40) Press

.. Skomars, David Belton(30) Press
.. Ronalter, J. Ruth(Ferraro)(58) Press
.. Marrone, Mildred Marie(47) Press
.. LaManna-Chasse, Joanne(58) Press
.. Hennessy Sr., Thomas F.(36) Courant
.. F. Hennessy Sr., Thomas(37) Press

.. Woike, Erich A.(62) Press

.. Turcotte, M. Frances(65) Press
.. Taillon, Elsie(Bellemare)(59) Press
.. Sirianni Sr., Anthony R.(99) Press
.. May, Marie T.(40) Courant
.. Marek, Katherine L.(24) Courant
.. Marek, Katherine L.(30) Press
.. Logan, Daniel(49) Press
.. Kunda, Anne(29) Courant
.. Gollin, Lillian(25) Courant
.. Floryan, Catharine A.(36) Courant

.. McBreairty, Rachel(64) Press
.. Lee, Jacqueline(Gallagher)(83) Press
.. Grant, Barbara(49) Press
.. Gollin, Lillian(Hasko)(37) Press
.. Dion, Faith L.(50) Press

.. Yalanis, Ann S.(73) Press
.. Martinelli, Kevin P.(77) Courant
.. Alevrides, Jeanne Anita(Violette)(61) Press

.. Porat, Robert H.(27) Press
.. Janus, Genevieve(19) Press
.. Grant, Barbara(Doucette)(51) Press
.. Cook, David P.(50) Press
.. Bell, Mary Catherine(33) Press

.. Floryan, Catharine A.(16) Press
.. Denning, Adeline(Knopf)(19) Press

.. Kelly, Gabrielle(43) Courant
.. Biskupiak, Edward(41) Courant
.. Bachand, Lewis(40) Courant

.. Eldridge, John B.(54) Press

.. Sobestanovich, Catherine(Fellin)(73) Press
.. Brewer, Barbara M.(81) Press

.. Jalbert, Melvina(Bernier)(65) Press
.. Biskupiak, Edward(49) Press

.. Nolan, Charles J.(57) Press
.. Houghtaling, Sandra(Kelley)(71) Press

.. Zajac, Leokadia(35) Press
.. Whistnant, Danny Lee(42) Press
.. Johnson, Norman(45) Press
.. Flanigan, George Thomas(43) Press
.. Fitzpatrick, Marilyn(McCooey)(51) Press
.. DeFronzo, Sophie(29) Courant
.. Cyr, Theresa Marie(Ouellette)(73) Press
.. Carlozzi, Peter(37) Press

.. Raymond Rene Baron, Baillargeon(60) Press
.. Moreno, Joan Elizabeth(Janes)(50) Press
.. Goodwin, Clifford E.(45) Press
.. Flanigan, George T.(39) Courant

.. Tucker, David N.(60) Courant

.. Quish, Madolyn C.(Coulombe)(50) Press
.. Lusis, Elizabeth M.(36) Press
.. Hamel, Lucille(61) Press
.. Comeau, Jacques J.(54) Press

.. Sekorski, Linda(57) Courant
.. Roy, Christopher Daniel-James(106) Press
.. Positano, Julia J.(Billings)(60) Press
.. Plocharsky, Margaret(Longo)(55) Press
.. Pignatella, Constance Micalina(Lenares)(46) Press
.. Lindstedt, Ann M.(20) Courant
.. Decker, Richard S.(63) Press

.. Paradis, Amy Elizabeth(Denehy Zysek)(100) Press
.. O’Connor, Susan A.(Pirog)(84) Press
.. Norcross, Richard E.(26) Courant
.. Nelson, Shirley B.(Needham)(60) Press
.. Kennerson, Catherine A.(28) Courant
.. Bard, Craig(75) Press

.. Rustico, Lois E.(Foberg)(43) Press
.. Gervais, Eleonore(Schulmeyer)(50) Press
.. Davis, Timothy W.(80) Press
.. Ackerman, Agnes(Molloy)(39) Press

.. Kramer, Helen(Przygocki)(77) Press

.. St. Onge, Edward(66) Press
.. Hanusovsky, John S.(47) Press
.. Demerski, John(60) Press
.. Blum, May(Ceci)(52) Press

.. Gonyea, Robert E.(107) Press

.. Woike, Martha E.(Eschner)(64) Press
.. Schultz, Roger Erwin(72) Press
.. Grant, Doris M.(50) Press
.. Andrews III, Thomas F.(54) Press

.. Vail, M. Gertrude(Gillis)(53) Press
.. Corbit, Jason M.(55) Press
.. Clair, Elizabeth(Langdon)(39) Press
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