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Obituaries For Saturday, 01 Jul 2017 to Monday, 31 Jul 2017
Please Note:
All Obit Listings before 04/04/2017, have been deleted by Bristol Press

.. Brenner, Donald David(109) Press

.. Reaves, Wilhelmina(Wentland)(91) Press
.. Booker, Gary A.(79) Press

.. Jacquette, Frank(78) Press

.. Sejerman, Thomas(65) Press
.. Brellis, Andrew Joseph(80) Press

.. Perron Sr., Robert E.(83) Press
.. Papile, Dorothy Forrest(49) Press

.. Przygocki, Catherine(Griswold)(105) Press

.. Wishinski, Eleanor(56) Press
.. Ward, Milton Frank(57) Press
.. Shepard, Barbara L.(Machuga)(76) Press
.. Rasmus, John(72) Press
.. Koper, Hubertina Frances(46) Press

.. Careb, Linda H.(74) Press

.. Murphy Jr., Francis H.(96) Press
.. Konopaske, Shannon Gail(88) Press
.. Herrington Jr., John W.(66) Press

.. Dube, Richard J.(113) Press

.. Trail, Gary P.(62) Press
.. Bowden, Bernice(Reklaitis)(66) Press

.. Taillon, Frances(Fijol)(88) Press
.. Soden, Dorothy May(74) Press

.. Tolassi, David Joseph(100) Press

.. King, Paul E.(103) Press

.. Ronzo, Josephine(71) Press

.. Tucker Layton, Elizabeth(Wuelfing)(79) Press

.. Richardson, Michael Eugene(126) Press
.. Bouchard, Mary C.(107) Press

.. Rogers Hine, Heather M.(Johnson)(91) Press
.. Michaud Sr., Nicolas B.(75) Press

.. Ledoux, Marcel Gerard(78) Press

.. Ledger, George E.(62) Press
.. Jenks Jr., Clayton M.(50) Press
.. Hatzisavvas, Zacharias Lazaros(56) Press
.. Bedus, Stanley J.(48) Press

.. Czapor, Mary(Lesiow)(59) Press

.. Theriault Jr., Alphonse(72) Press
.. Alexander Jr., David Joseph(76) Press

.. Roberts, Brian P.(92) Press
.. Langlais, Lucille(Levesque)(86) Press
.. Johnson, John O.(79) Press

.. Harris, Michael(72) Press
.. Chamberland, Diane O.(Dube)(92) Press
.. Carino, John William(57) Press

.. Cefaratti, Beata(Fazio)(71) Press
.. Abate, John D.(85) Press

.. Klapatch, Onufre J.(62) Press
.. Buckingham, Andrew(74) Press
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